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(Chaetomium globosum)

What is Con-Blight?

Con-Blight is a biofungicide preparation containing spores and mycelial fragments of the naturally occurring antagonistic fungus, Chaetomium globosum. It is available in liquid (@ of 1 x 109 per ml) and powder (@ of 2x106 per gm) formulation.

Mode of Action

Substrate Competition: Con-Blight colonizes the rhizosphere thereby creating competition with pathogens for substrates and nutrients and thus controls pathogen.

Mycoparasitism: Con-Blight is a preventive biological (living) fungicide that attacks disease causing pathogens, Phytopthora infestans before they reach the root system. It grows fast and coils around the pathogen and penetrates through it and by taking nutrients from the pathogen Con-Blight make the pathogen to die.

Method of Application

Seed / Tuber Treatment:

Con-Blight @ 3 Litres or 5 kgs is to be mixed with the required quantity of water (infused with spreaders and stickers) sufficient enough for treating the potato tubers / seeds needed for planting one hectare area. The seeds / tubers can be treated either in a seed treater mechanically or by dipping in the seeds manually in Con-Blight solutions / slurry for 30 minutes before sowing.

Surface Drench / Soil Application:

Surface Drench: Plough and surface drench the main field with Con-Blight (Chaetomium globosum) solution prepared by mixing Con-Blight @ 5 litres or 10 kgs in 500 Litres of water. Surface drenching of soil with Con-Blight can be done either before ploughing or at the time of last ploughing.

Soil Application: Alternatively, Con-Blight @ 5 Litres or 10 kgs / ha is to be mixed with 10 tons of organic fertilizer. The Con-Blight blended organic fertilizer is to be kept for 7 days for curing before applying in the soil.

Foliar Application

First Spray: The plant sprouts when they are 3 cm high.

Repeat the spray once after in 7 days interval.

Spray can be continued depending upon the disease forecast.

After the 4th spray, when the plant is 34 days old, a decision on continuing the spray can be taken based on the disease incidence, prevailing temperature, humidity and light conditions.

Spray can be continued depending upon the disease forecast.

Dilution: 5 Litres or 10 kgs in 500 litres of water for foliar and soil applicaiton.



  • Dosage      : Liquid: 12.5 Litres/ha Powder: 15 kg/ha
  • HS Code    : 3808 9030
  • Shelf life  : Liquid Two years,Powder: One year
  • Packing    : Liquid: 1 Litre, 5 Litres, Powder: 1 kg, 5 kg